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What man or woman doesn't want to improve their sex life?

There are many sexual aids and penis enhancement programs online, but we're confident that ours are the best. We offer high quality all-natural supplements and topical creams, plus other surprising additions to the adult's arsenal, to help men and women make the very most of their assets and nocturnal activities!

Here are the sites and the products -

VigRX™, the amazing formula that enhances male size, hardness and pleasure:

ProExtender™ System, a compilation of ALL the latest penis enhancement and enlargement methods…

ProExtender™, Enlarge your penis without surgery or even seeing your Doctor:


Semenax™, Doubles, Triples, Quadruples and MORE! ... not just volume of ejaculate, but intensity and power of orgasms:

GenF20 HGH™, Restore your looks, health, energy and physical abilities to the levels of a robust young adult:

estraVil™ for Women, now it's your turn! The safe, gentle way to discover or to re-ignite the desire, the excitement and the sexual responses that make sex wonderful and rewarding:

Vigorelle™, the topical pleasure cream for women:

VigRX Oil™, the instant topical oil to enhance erection, stamina, and sensation in 60 seconds or less:

UltraHairAway™, the easy-to-use lotion to eliminate unwanted or unsightly body hair:

MaxiDerm™, Bigger, harder, and longer-lasting results NOW with a discreet little patch:

Nexus Pheromone™ Concentrate, the men's cologne with human sex hormones to attract women like a magnet:

AttractWomenNow™, e-book resource to give men the most awesome success with beautiful women:

Chaser Pills™, absorbs hangover-causing toxins helping you wake up alert, refreshed and ready to start your day:

NOTICE: Unlike some of the stuff you'll see online, these are NOT some cheaply thrown-together products sold out of someone's basement or back bedroom.

Our supplement and topical products are manufactured with doctor approval in a fully certified cGMP facility and meet FDA requirements. We were the first on the market with these types of products in early 2001, and we have completely refined our affiliate system to make it one of the most efficient and profitable around. All our products are presented in well-designed packaging and sold through professional-looking sites.

All of this is important because, face it, some outfits online are unstable and unproven and even downright unsafe - their web sites shut down, their product can be confiscated, and you may never see a cent no matter how hard you've worked.

BEST APPROACH: If you're going to work an affiliate program, you must go with a professional, multi-million-dollar company like Leading Edge Cash with a proven record and reputation.

ALSO, we strongly recommend choosing an affiliate program with excellent products, not memberships. With our special discounts on multiple bottle orders, most customers will buy several at one time. Leading Edge Cash pays out 30% on all sales, and our products average commissions of $40 - $75 per sale! And it's not uncommon for men to buy 10 or more bottles of our product at once… that means a very hefty commission check coming your way.

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